daytum = Energy.Data.Education.

daytum is a data science education company completely focused on the energy industry.

Our mission is to help bridge the culture and knowledge gaps between the technology and the energy-focused communities and to create unicorns: energy industry specialists with a deep knowledge of programming, statistics, data analytics and data science.

daytum was founded by Dr. John Foster, a UT Hildebrand Department of Petroleum Engineering professor, and Bazean, a technology-augmented energy investment firm, to achieve this mission via education and a better holistic application of technology to the toughest (and sometimes the most mundane) energy industry challenges.

Given our deep energy roots and experience, our goal is to give a more technically focused analytics and data science education to professionals and future practitioners in the energy industry.

To start this journey, we focus on helping educate our community via:

  1. Content we publish via our mailing lists, website, Medium, and industry journal publications
  2. In-Person Workshops held for the public or exclusively for your organization
  3. Holistic enterprise solutions for organizations looking to make better data-driven decisions
  4. An online education platform that is in the works

In the coming weeks, daytum will host its inaugural workshops here in Houston and we’d love to see you there! Feel free to check out our Eventbrite page or reach out to for more details!

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