daytum Beta Workshop Takeaways (June 2019)

While we may be experienced educators, we are always aiming to iterate and improve our content and delivery so that we can best serve our audience.

Last week, we hosted a closed beta workshop here in Houston with seasoned energy professionals and found it to be an incredible learning experience both for us as educators and for the professional participants.

One of the biggest takeaways from the workshop centered around our Company hypothesis on the debate between theory and practice within data science / coding courses. daytum’s stance has always been to be tangible / action-oriented (vs. more academic / theory-based). Our prediction was confirmed by participants who enjoyed our curriculum’ focus on familiar real-world situations (e.g. automated type curve generation) – complemented by explanations about the underlying data science concepts / theory.

Here are few highlights on what went well and where we plan to improve:

Favorite Topics Taught

  • 3-Day Introductory Energy Data Science (EDS) Workshop
    • Machine Learning 101
    • Linear Regression
    • Developing dashboards and insightful visualizations
  • 2-Day Intermediate EDS Workshop
    • Well Meta / Production Data Preparation
    • Applied Machine Learning

What We Learned

  • Incorporate more group work into our coding exercises
  • Reduce the breadth of content covered in-favor of more depth into certain topics that are highly relevant to production engineers (i.e. production optimization analytics)
  • Share more pre-requisite content before participants join our workshops
  • Allow for more time to answer questions about real problems that workshop participants are facing in their everyday work environment

These testimonials and feedback have reinforced our thesis that energy professionals are hungry to learn more about how to best apply programming and statistics to optimize their workflows.  Our plan is to continue working hard to inspire more petroleum engineers, geoscientists and other energy professionals to join us on the transformational journey. We hope to help everyone make better data-driven decisions.


If you’re interested in learning more, check out our event website at and the outputs from our 3-Day workshop below!

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