Let’s Get Technical, Technical – Criteria for Facies / Rock Types in Subsurface Modeling

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) After the last lengthy post, this one is short, sweet, [slightly] technical, and vintage... As you can imagine, Facies / Rock type is an important decision for subsurface modeling. Below are a few comments, perspectives, and criteria on the topic. Comments and Perspectives: - When contemplating facies, the…
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daytum = Energy.Data.Education.

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daytum is a data science education company completely focused on the energy industry. Our mission is to help bridge the culture and knowledge gaps between the technology and the energy-focused communities and to create unicorns: energy industry specialists with a deep knowledge of programming, statistics, data analytics and data science. daytum was founded by Dr.…
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