A Quick Perspective on Why Open Source

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The advantages of Open Source Software (OSS) are endless. A few notable advantages include: Quality / Security / Reliability "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." - Linus's Law Modern software engineering practices Increased Efficiency Modularity Lower Total Cost of Ownership Free [as in speech, not beer] Community Personal Advertising / Build a Real Resume…
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Brief Musings on Subsurface Data Analytics and Machine Learning

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) Subsurface is Unique Due to (1) sparse data, (2) heterogeneous spatial system, (3) high degree of uncertainty, (4) thick layer of unavoidable interpretation, and (5) extremely high value development decisions We must go beyond the data! Data analytics is the application of data cleaning and statistical analysis to…
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9 Reasons All Geoscientists and Engineers Should Code

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) 1. Transparency: No Compiler Accepts Hand Waving! Coding forces your logic to be clear for any other scientist or engineer to review 2. Reproducibility: Run it, Get an Answer, Hand it Over, Run it, and Get the Same Answer This is a main principle of the scientific method…
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