Top 10 Statistics Terms To Know

Top 10 Statistics Terms To Know

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) Hey everyone! We think that statistics concepts can sometimes be intimidating and seemingly esoteric. However, we know that it doesn’t need to be. One thing we wanted to do was simplify some of the commonly used statistics vocab and to “Explain Like I’m 5” definitions. Below are a…
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A Quick Perspective on Why Open Source

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The advantages of Open Source Software (OSS) are endless. A few notable advantages include: Quality / Security / Reliability "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." - Linus's Law Modern software engineering practices Increased Efficiency Modularity Lower Total Cost of Ownership Free [as in speech, not beer] Community Personal Advertising / Build a Real Resume…
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A 10,000 ft. [Subsurface] View on Why You Should Learn Geostatistics

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) Statistics provide quantitative lens for a new perspective on subsurface data and to better understand subsurface uncertainty. Learning Geostatistics will help you leverage: Deductive Statistics – Pooling data for the purpose of quantification of univariate, multivariate and spatial phenomenon Inferential Statistics – Methods to make inferences concerning the…
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daytum Beta Workshop Takeaways (June 2019)

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While we may be experienced educators, we are always aiming to iterate and improve our content and delivery so that we can best serve our audience. Last week, we hosted a closed beta workshop here in Houston with seasoned energy professionals and found it to be an incredible learning experience both for us as educators…
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Let’s Get Technical, Technical – Criteria for Facies / Rock Types in Subsurface Modeling

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) After the last lengthy post, this one is short, sweet, [slightly] technical, and vintage... As you can imagine, Facies / Rock type is an important decision for subsurface modeling. Below are a few comments, perspectives, and criteria on the topic. Comments and Perspectives: - When contemplating facies, the…
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Uncertainty for Geoscientists, Data Scientists, and Engineers

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) What is Subsurface Uncertainty? Uncertainty is not an intrinsic property of the subsurface. At every location (uα) within the volume of interest the true properties could be measured if we had access (facies, porosity etc.). Uncertainty is a function of our ignorance, our inability to observe and measure…
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Brief Musings on Subsurface Data Analytics and Machine Learning

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) Subsurface is Unique Due to (1) sparse data, (2) heterogeneous spatial system, (3) high degree of uncertainty, (4) thick layer of unavoidable interpretation, and (5) extremely high value development decisions We must go beyond the data! Data analytics is the application of data cleaning and statistical analysis to…
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9 Reasons All Geoscientists and Engineers Should Code

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Michael Pyrcz, PhD, P.Eng (daytum Founding Advisor) 1. Transparency: No Compiler Accepts Hand Waving! Coding forces your logic to be clear for any other scientist or engineer to review 2. Reproducibility: Run it, Get an Answer, Hand it Over, Run it, and Get the Same Answer This is a main principle of the scientific method…
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daytum = Energy.Data.Education.

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daytum is a data science education company completely focused on the energy industry. Our mission is to help bridge the culture and knowledge gaps between the technology and the energy-focused communities and to create unicorns: energy industry specialists with a deep knowledge of programming, statistics, data analytics and data science. daytum was founded by Dr.…
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